The Museum of Flight : for planes fans

Image The Museum of Flight : for planes fans

I believe I can fly! That's a motto for plane fans. What south african crypto trading platforms can be more amazing than reaching the heigts above the clouds? It is all possible. The United States National Museum of Flight provides this kind of discovery, entertainment and can make you fully live and enhance your inner talent or passion for the aircraft.

What is The Museum of Flight?

The Museum of Flight is the official cryptocurrency platforms south africa museum of Air Force Located 13 km North East of Dayton in Ohio. More than 3 000 flights and missiles are exposed there and you know what: free entry!! At this museum, visitors will recall all the former Presidents' planes; for examples those that belonged to Franklin D.

Roosevelt, Harry Truman or even Dwight Eisenhower. Moreover, the master piece is the Air Force One used by three other Presidents.

Why choose The Museum of Flight?

Besides providing detailed information about planes, it will make you discover all the planes history: from their invention place, time and creator to their various utilities, including unexpected ones.

Plane fans will see that it is more than best crypto trading platform south africa just a passion, and for other people, new interests about plane or piloting can be born. There are a lot of activities at the Museum for entertainment but also for information about the US Air Force.

Dream activities at the Museum

At the Museum of Flight, you can:

  •  See the Early years Gallery where the first plane is stored, The First World War gallery, World between two wars gallery, World War II Gallery and Korea War Gallery
  •  Observe a flight simulator
  •  Watch a film in the movie theater
  •  Experiment with a pilot plane
  •  Step inside the planes exposed
  •  Admire the Boeing field tours

How to get there?

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